Edgar J. Quijano


Edgar Quijano is a Human Resources Specialist and Real Estate Broker from Caracas, Venezuela. Throughout his more than 28 years of experience, Edgar worked with several companies and entities from the oil industry, both public and private, including PDVSA of..

Maria T. Moreno


Rodolfo Moreno


Profesional con 32 años de experiencia: 5 años en el asesoramiento a uno de los mayores socios de Google en América Latina. 10 años como vendedor asociado de bienes raíces (Florida, EE.UU.). 11 años de experiencia en la práctica privada..

Carolina Alvarez


Carolina Alvarez brings her substantial and impressive background in the financial sector and South Florida investments to Avila Realty. Managing Investor Relations, Carolina has worked closely with investors, investment consultants, financial planners and influential individuals within the international investment community,..

Jorge Andaluz


Jorge Andaluz-Sollami is a Fiduciary, Market and Liquidity Risk Analyst from a Private Bank who is in the final steps of a Mechanical Engineering Bachelors Degree. Jorge is an analytical sales associate who focuses on applying the acquired knowledge from..

Maria Guerra


I am a Licensed Realtor Associate and Notary Public. I have over 15 years’ experience in sales, including a solid background and training in Retail Sales, and Customer Service in the Banking Industry at Citibank N.A., and Ocean Bank during..

Elio Bustos


Professional with over 32 years of experience: 5 years in counseling to one of the largest Google Partners in Latin America. 10 years as Real Estate Associate (Florida, USA). 11 years of experience in Venezuelan law private practice. 10 years..

Alexis Mckinney


Her ability to connect and communicate with a wide range of clientele is guided by her passion for travel and her experiences living in various countries, states and cities. She is an honors graduate of The Florida State University College..